What Turbel Coatings Offer You?

  • Maximum durability of coatings by applying our know-how

  • Higher number of cycles in your production, being improved continously by our high-tech R&D Department

  • Compliance with all world wide food graders; FDA/USDA/BGA

What we offer you, more.. ?

  • Deciding on tailor-made coating types for your own production conditions.

  • Satisfied customer relationships with our specially given priority to after-sale services.

  • Serving with fastest delivery times with best quality and competitve prices.



TURBOFLON Coating For Trays, Molds and Pans Help To Create:

  • Non – stickness

  • Easiness to clean

  • Healthier environment

  • Less production and maintenance cost

  • Easiness to depan

  • Excellent heath transmission

  • Production procedures which endures +/- 270°C and humidity




Silicone Coating Suitable Especially for High Grease and Sugar Content


  • Excellent heat stability

  • Good ageing resistance (by oxygen, ozone, water and light).

  • Very good release properties. (Especially for pastry type doughs; high grease and sugar content.)

  • Chemically inert.

Examples of applications:

  • Non-stick linings for baking tins and dishes for bread, rusks, cakes, pâté, ham, etc.

  • Coatings for toasters, grills, waffle-irons, etc.


Resistance to Absorption & Permeation


The outstanding properties of non-stick coatings